Scenography animations "Lucia Di Lammermoor"
July and August in Concepción have always been months of Opera. In 2017 we present "Lucia Di Lammermoor" by Gaetano Donizetti.
With a scenic direction of my great friend Gonzalo Cuadra and the scenography and costume designs of the maestro Germán Droguetti, designer of great trajectory at world level and from whom I have learned a myriad of significances, symbolisms and above all how to fill visual magic with the scene . On the other hand, Patricio Perez who advised me and maximized at all times the joint work we did with Germán with his perfect mastery of lights and shadows.
Since January 2017, when we imagined using a hight resolution screen that contributed another language to the scenery, until the middle of August we delayed in animating, correcting, modifying and editing this digital scenery. The challenge was important because for the first time we were going to risk using a background screen in an Opera. Imagine, the set of arts par excellence, The Opera, which combines lyric, a symphony orchestra, painting, dance, in short. This maximum expression of art suddenly finds the year 2017 with a screen replacing much of the scenographic elements of yesteryears, this was a great bet, if we did it wrong it would probably be a resounding failure with all that it means.
We do not fail, in fact Juan Antonio Muñoz of the nacional newspaper El Mercurio says that this opera is linked to the subjection of women through the years and that "Digital animations that frame the scene of madness and through which lies the Action in those castles, abbeys and cemeteries of the Scottish Highlands, instills visual magic into production. "
It was possible, and although it was an arduous work and not except for stumbling we managed to make a contribution to the local scene.
After Effects Workprocess & Compositioning

One hour of work in two minutes

Final Result

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